10 December 2018

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Employee Engagement in the Workplace

Posted on 07/02/2017 by Jannine Smart in Wellbeing

Following on from our recent Newsletter ‘fun events or activities’ do not always need to come with a price tag…. Here are some low cost activities and suggestions to get those ideas flowing. At B2P we believe workplace engagement is about ‘having fun’ and creating an environment where ‘having fun’ and being ‘creative’ becomes the norm – it’s all about making small adjustments that encourage • Commitment • Ownership • Empowerment • Trust • Transparency

More importantly it’s about choice so No.1 on our list is ‘communication’. Ask your employees what they want, what could engage and motivate them.

Consult with your employees about important business issues or forthcoming challenges and asking them to contribute to ideas about improving:-

• The work environment

• Attracting good quality new team members

• Profitability

• Reputation

• Advertising

• Be different and standing out from the competition!

Present your own company goals and ideas for the forthcoming year and encourage them to contribute.

Make them feel part of the organisation with regular communications – perhaps a quarterly or bi-annual ‘presentation’ of ‘where we are now’ and include financial information.

Regular Newsletters or a Blog – that employees can own and contribute to.

• A competitive treasure hunt by department! 

• Competitions who can design the best new strap line or company logo.

• Themed events throughout the year.

• Choose a charity to sponsor; ask employees to suggest ideas around promoting and advertising their activities - perhaps to your  customers and suppliers?

• Look at the ‘charity’ calendar and pick an event each month e.g. fruity Friday, wear yellow to work day etc..

• Team events e.g. bowling or dog walking.

• A pizza at work day – perhaps as a thank you – or to recognise an employee’s individual contribution ( going the extra mile).

• Fruit bowls – a lot of companies will deliver these to the work place.

• A competition to name your meeting rooms.

• Annual event to say ‘thank you’ for employees and partners e.g. summer party, BBQ.

• Employee of the month award – perhaps a ‘visual’ competition something your employees can relate to (i.e. not just a name and shame bar chart…) for example a horse race, car rally either drawn or a scalextric in the coffee area?

• Set employees individual goals through the appraisal process e.g. something that would contribute and support the growth of your business.

• Employee Suggestion Scheme – reviewed on a monthly basis and a small award made for the top 3 suggestions e.g. a box of chocolates (to keep everyone motivated) – but to really challenge them to think about the business … consider rewarding ideas/suggestions that have financial benefits/savings for your company as a % of the profit or saving? This could mean some large pay-outs but if linked to profits/savings then you will not be out of pocket and what a motivator! 

Training and Development

• At team meetings ask employees to get up and share new learning experiences or new ideas with the rest of the team.

• Ask your team for feedback on the type of training they would value. Perhaps this could be a reward for good performance following your appraisal process?

• Ask your team to create an induction programme for new starters.

• Assign a mentor for each new team member – a more experienced member of staff (empowerment).

Financial Rewards

• Personal benefits are often popular e.g. life cover, additional holiday rising with length of service, private medical (there are a lot of companies in the market who can offer cost-effective schemes for smaller companies and SME’s).

• Tax efficient benefits.

• A competition where the first prize is half/days holiday?

• Gym membership

Having ‘fun’ and incentivising your team(s) will reap rewards – the key is to ensure that the cost of the offering does not outweigh the benefit. 

Also remember that certain types of incentives may be viewed as a ‘benefit in kind’ therefore may have HMRC tax implications.

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