10 December 2018
Work-life Seesaw

External factors are also influencing employee absence. The current UK and global economic climate and our ‘always on’ technological society plays its part in creating a culture of ‘presenteeism’, where employees continue to attend work despite being genuinely unwell, with potentiallyWork Life Balance & Work Life Seesaw damaging effects on productivity and personal health.

Change is often the common denominator in work-place absence, not only in the work environment but personal circumstances can also play a part:-



Shift Work


Long hours

Change of relationship (end, marriage etc)


Child starting nursery or school

New technology

Nursing responsibilities i.e. elderly / sick relative

Work overload

Financial difficulties

Role ambiguity or role conflict

Personal injury or illness

Relationships (manager, colleagues)

Forthcoming retirement

Job security

Change in living arrangements

Job performance

Problems with friends, neighbours etc..

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